ASMR让你温暖?? (真实火灾声10H,篝火,高保真双耳)



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原文简介:Hello? Thanks for waiting! Today, I tried something I’ve never tried before when I started ASMR until now. In 2017, I planned this series, drew these pictures, and made the intro, but I couldn’t try to record in reality. but these days I feel stuffy and cold in autumn, so I joined my family travel and went to a vacation cabin in the Korean West Sea.
My feeling was not comfy actually because I couldn’t go to play just without you, and I wanted to try the challenge I dreamed of.
So.. the first one was a campfire with the sound of a bonfire. ? Really… I realized that outdoor recording is so difficult. I learned a lot and I think this new trying will be a good memories because it will remain as a video and sound. I want to share this atmosphere and warmth with you. I hope you can warm up the cold air in winter with sound. #ASMR #ASMRfire
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百度翻译简介:你好? 感谢您的等待!今天,我尝试了一些我之前从未尝试过的东西,当我开始ASMR时,直到现在。2017年,我策划了这个系列,绘制了这些图片,并制作了介绍,但我无法尝试在现实中录制。但这几天我觉得秋天又闷又冷,所以我参加了家庭旅行,去了韩国西海的一个度假小屋。
所以…第一个是篝火声。? 真正地我意识到户外录音是如此困难。我学到了很多,我认为这一新尝试将是一段美好的回忆,因为它将作为视频和声音保留下来。我想和你分享这种氛围和温暖。我希望你能用声音温暖冬天的冷空气#ASMR#ASMR火
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